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I've been a fan of AIC since 1991, when I was 15. As many fans can attest, the bands music helped me get through many years of depression and emotional trauma. The teens can be hard enough on their own. My family imploded and I was unable to express what I could barely understand. I found unexpected solace in the music, lyrics and their vocalization by AIC. Shortly thereafter, I saw them on Headbangers Ball (in their robes at the LA mansion) and was cracking up at the silliness. They helped me face the darkness I needed to work through and to laugh as well. A very early life lesson for me about the benefit of finding balance. I think it's the honesty in which they've approached music that has been why so many of us have been impacted - and even had our lives saved - by these guys. We can't assume to know what they were referring to or feeling in their songs, but we all have situations we struggle with and a range of emotions about them. For many, the way AIC expresses themselves resonated with us. We all feel shitty at times, and this band has always had a way of saying it a way that made sense to me, helping me to look for ways to work through it. Shortly before "Jar of Flies" was released, I was accepting suicide as the only way to assure the emotional pain would finally stop (not for the first time). But wanting to hear their EP kept me hanging on a while longer. To some, that sounds odd, but many know exactly what that is like. In any mood, their music has always been a positive thing. Sometimes the only good thing during a really shitty time. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Sean, Mike and Jerry at Lollapalooza '93 in Mountain View, CA and spending time talking in their dressing room for quite a while. (This 17 year-olds dream come true!) They were just as real and cool and funny as anyone could imagine. Several years later, Jerry showed up at a Northern California show with Les Claypool to play with the band M.I.R.V. My friends Numic happened to be opening (Jerry even borrowed my pal Dennis' Wah!). So I got to meet Jerry again! Twice in my lifetime is pretty unbelievable for this die-hard fan. And I've always had a special place in my heart for Mr. Cantrell due to his being the one who has written so many of the words - both with AIC and solo - that have been so meaningful throughout my life. Unlike my mostly solitary fandom in the 90's, now so many of us can share our appreciation and experiences of the amazingly talented and silly as hell Alice in Chains online. Many of my friends love this band, but I've always been the one who LOVES this band. That's why I wanted to join this community. And if you read all of my blabbering, you rule. - H. Woah, that pic is huge...WTF?
Favorite Music:
I grew up in a house full of music, much of which I 'made my own' as I got older and could really grasp it, especially Pink Floyd and The Beatles. I love 70's rock, and a good chunk of 60's rock as well - so I'm not gonna list all of them. The music, lyrics and vocals need to resonate within me. So if a song or band moves me, that's all it takes. Like many, I take my music personally. Enough blah blah blah. Here are just a few faves: 30 Seconds to Mars Alice in Chains (duh) Beatallica (http://www.beatallica.com/) Big Wreck Blind Faith Brad Jerry Cantrell Caterwaul's "Portent Hue" album Coldplay Concrete Blonde's "Mexican Moon" album Cream The Crystal Method Dark New Day Days of the New Devin Townsend Dream Theater E.L.O. Eric Clapton Failure Filter Fleetwood Mac G n' R Heart I Mother Earth INXS ISIS Jane's Addiction Jefferson Airplane (and all incarnations that followed) Jethro Tull (80's - Present) Katatonia Linda Perry Live Loop!Station The Mars Volta Massive Attack Mastodon Metallica Ministry Mother Love Bone Nine Inch Nails Opeth Ours The Panic Channel A Perfect Circle Porcupine Tree Queensryche Red Sparowes Soundgarden STP (until Tiny Music...) T00L Travis Vast The Verve Zakk Wylde Obviously, that's not all, as I have almost 600 artists on my iPod, but these are just some of my very favorites. I'm also a sucker for music from the 80's. None of the hairband/glam shit (I like men to look like, you know, MEN. Even when I was 12), but the more radio-friendly tunes like singles from a-ha, the Bangles, Chicago, Phil Collins, Hall & Oats, etc. That shit always makes me feel good, but it's not what I'm cranking in the car.
Favorite TV Shows:
LOST Mad Men House Law & Order - all 3 franchises The Soup Flash Forward Bones Snapped In Plain Sight Most of the crap VH1 slings my way
Favorite Books:
Everything by John Bradshaw; helping me understand how fucked up I am, was, and no longer have to be. Dr. M. Scott Peck's "The Road Less Traveled" And shit that helps me understand myself better overall... Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series Clive Barker's "The Great and Secret Show" and "Everville"

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